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Our Experience

Our kennel is a restored mid-century barn building on sprawling 10 acres of woods and meadows at the heart of the Catskills Mountains in New York's Hudson Valley. Our home comprises two buildings and the kennel, all three hudled around an ancient black birch tree. The kennel is a state of the art facility where we spend all our time grooming, training, cleaning and simply caring for our adorable little creatures. Our facility is licensed by New York State Agriculture & Markets and locally as a Pure Breed Kennel through our Township.


The Biewer Terrier Breed

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There is a plethora of information on the web about the Biewer Terrier, its history, how it acquired its name, how it came into being, and the characteristics of this very special toy dog. We recommend you visit the American Kennel Club as well as the Biewer Terrier Club of America websites to learn more in-depth facts about the breed. We register all our dogs and litters with the American Kennel Club and exclusively show at AKC conformation events. We are members of the Biewer Terrier Club of America and follow their guidelines for ethical breeding and the advancement and preservation of the Biewer Terrier in the United States.

Our Breeding Program


We have very specific goals as breeders, as exhibitors and with our adoption policies. We take every precaution planning our breedings: not only through health testing, but also by selecting pairs with correct temperament and conformation. Our breeding females live in our home and their puppies are raised in our living room. All our efforts and dedication is to ensure we raise healthy, loving and competitive dogs as well as socialized new family members. We occasionally have puppies or adults available for adoption. We are always available to meet newcomers to the breed on our property or at shows around the US, and to assist in answering all questions you may have about our Biewer Terriers. Please note we do not ship puppies, only in-person pick ups at our home.

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